Interactive Group Play

Strengthening our communities and sharing experiences are important.

Now more than ever.

Let's increase the love together.

BeadQueen is excited to offer two ways to play…

while co-creating with others:

 PLAYshop and Make + Take

Upcoming PLAYShops

Education & Creation

The teaching that is being delivered is one of conscious, intentional creation. In order to create, (and co-create) … we step into the present moment, and ground ourselves with the project at hand.

The overarching theme is that we are all creators. Making the connection to conscious creation through the FLOW achieved in physical making is our ultimate goal.



  • A Workshop minus the Work

  • Great for a group of friends or a work team up to make shiny things.

  • Three types of PLAYshop

  • Two Locations

    • In-Studio with BeadQueen

    • BeadQueen comes to You

  • Structured activity with pre-determined number of participants.

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Make + Take

  • An unstructured Playshop—perfect for large events—flexible number of participants

  • 'first come first served'

  • Great icebreaker

Let's play!

But first, some paperwork:

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Would you like specific colours worked into the experience? To match your organization or a theme within it?
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How would you like a Mala PLAYshop at sunrise before yoga? Or perhaps a True Original Make + Take at the cocktail hour?
PLAYshops are structured and have a pre-determined amount of participants. Make + Takes are unstructured and have a flexible number of participants
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Have beads, will travel. Or come visit the studio if that's easier.
For how long are you interested? Generally a PLAYshop takes around 1 (one) hour, while a Make + Take can be set up for multiple hours.
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More Information:

Mala PLAYshop

(Hinduism) Hinduism a string of beads or knots, used in praying and meditating.


Fun Facts

  • Mala means “garland” in Sanskrit.
  •  When the Roman Empire was trading with India, they became aware of these beads. The word “Japa” (which means repetition) was associated with them, and the Romans mistranslated the word, thinking it was “jap”, the Latin word for “rose”. Hence the word “rosarium” or rosary.
  • Malas are made of 108 beads.
  • Ancient Vedic mathematicians knew that 108 was the number of existence.
  • In Yogic tradition, there are 108 sacred texts (Upanishads).
  • There are 108 sacred sites throughout India.
  • In India, 108 is so ingrained in the culture that it is the equivalent to our emergency number 911.
  • In the Jewish tradition, 108 is a multiple of 18, a number linked to the Hebrew word chai, meaning “life”, or “alive”.
  • In Islam, the number 108 refers to God.
  • There are 108 energy lines that converge to form the heart chakra.
  • There are 108 marma points/chakras on the body.
  • Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter.
  • The earth cycle is supposed to be of 2160 years = 20 x 108.  The distance between the Earth and Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Sun.  The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth.  The distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon.  There are 9 planets in the Solar System and 12 ages of the Zodiac. 9 x 12 = 108. There are 12 constellation and 9 arc segments. 9 times 12 equal 108.  The 9 planets travelling through the 12 signs constitute the whole of existence.  9 x 12 = 108.  The 27 nakshatras or lunar constellations spread over the 4 elements – fire, earth, air, water or the 4 directions – north, south, east, and west.  This also constitutes what is referred to as the whole of existence.  27
    x 4 = 108.

True Original PLAYshop

A wide variety of natural materials are used; shell, semi-precious stones, crystals , wood, lava, etc.

The beauty of stringing different, individual beads is used as a very subtle metaphor for life.

 The choices we make every day string together to create the masterpiece of our lives (and some moments are shinier than others!). The bracelet is a concrete link to this teaching. 


Stone Wirewrapping PLAYshop

Continuing with our theme of circles of conscious creation, this PLAYshop offers participants the space to connect with the Creation Story of the Haudenosaunee through wire-wrapping a stone. Students are given some basic wirework instruction, and will have the opportunity to wrap a stone of their choosing with copper or silver wire.

In the Haudenosaunee Creation Story, Sky Woman walks in a counter-clockwise, circular pattern to bring things into being. In this project, we explore underlying themes of mindfulness, conscious creating, and connecting to natural materials.

Participants leave with a wire-wrapped pendant stone.