I have always had something to say - just ask my friends and family. Jewelry is simply a vehicle for my message, a message that is simple, yet not easy.

It is this. We are one. We are all connected.

I desire to connect people with nature, and with the wise person inside themselves. I wish to empower people to express their own creativity, and their own intuitive nature. I try to create pieces that encourage the wearer to be a creator every time they use them.

This life can be so much easier when we are in flow with it, and the magic of the stones is real, and supportive to this idea. We are magnets, drawing us to those people, places and things we require, if we will only trust the nudges toward them.

We are all magic, we are all artists. I want to be that conduit that helps to take people there.

The iconography of the circle is important in expressing these things - the cycles of our lives, the 'never-ending-ness' of a circle, the inclusiveness of the circle. I love fashion, and have experienced the world of fashion as an 'exclusive' place. I am about 'inclusion' - we all have the right to feel strong, and have our creative voice.

As this endeavour grows, it is my intention to further empower the Metis/Native community by having my helping hands in the making of the pieces come from these communities. Most jewelry designers send their design to China and have them reproduced overseas for a very low price. It feels important to me to keep First Nations and their descendants connected and lifted up, and this is my dream.

Every piece I make is a meditation, every piece is cleared and smudged and blessed.